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How to Find the Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home?

How to Find the Perfect Exterior Door for Your Home?

Picture this, you are throwing a dinner at your place and invited a few friends over. They walk up to your house and the first thing they see is this:

What will they think? Probably not positive impressions. You then proceed to tell your friends that you have been wanting to change your front door but have not because you are clueless as to which door material to pick. Keep reading below to find out which door best suits your house and needs.

The right door for your house is inviting to your visitors and should match the overall aesthetics. There are many types of door materials to choose from in the market. To list a few, there are: wooden, glass, steel, PVC, fiberglass and aluminium. For exterior doors, the most prevalent materials on the markets are Wood, Fiberglass and Metal.

Wooden doors are extremely popular and it is what people usually think of if doors are mentioned. It is well known to be strong and weather-resistant. There is also a large variety of designs available in the market and it can be used to complement any style of homes, from contemporary to traditional. And if you wanted your own design, some companies offer bespoke doors at a reasonable price. Finishes are done by coating the door with a stained lacquer to enhance its beautiful natural grain or by painting it any color that suits your preference. Moreover, wooden doors have great insulation which help conserve energy. It also acts as a good sound barrier that is the perfect choice for a noisy neighborhood. However, wood doors are higher up in the price range. It also does not fare well in humid areas as the high moisture causes it to warp. There are new door engineering technologies that allows some leeway into this but it only minimizes the warping not eradicate it. Regular maintenance is also required to keep the door from rotting or getting dirty.

The second most popular exterior door is Fiberglass. It recently has become the preferred choice of door since it is more affordable than a wooden door. Due to its versatility in style, fiberglass doors can be molded into designs that can be used in all types of house styles. Durability is exceptional because rotting and warping is not an issue, however it does tend to crack if it is made from cheaper fiberglass. This type of door is low in maintenance and cleaning is as easy as ABC. Just damp a towel and wipe off the dirt or stain and it will come right off. Nevertheless, fiberglass doors are a bit finnicky to install since the material is impossible to trim. So, if the house has a non-standard door frame, the door dimensions have to be customized which can be costly. If the customer is looking for a unique door to complement their house then this will not be the door for them since it is massed produced and other people will have the same door. Customized fiberglass doors come at a really high price.

The last popular material option for an exterior door is Steel. This is usually made of a polystyrene foam core that is covered with a steel skin on top. With its sleek and more symmetrical design, this kind of door best fits the style of a contemporary and minimalistic house. A steel door is the most budget friendly since it is cheaper to manufacture. Regarding durability, this door choice has a strong outer shell and is very resistant towards the external weather. It is also the best at keeping the customer safe in case of a fire since the combination of a foam core and steel exterior helps mitigate smoke and heat. This door is also the strongest in withstanding break ins. However, since it is made of metal, denting and scratching is a problem that can ruin the door’s aesthetics. Weight is also an issue since it is heavy and the hinges may take a toll in the long run. It is also hard to make cut-outs so there are only limited designs that can be achieved with this door material. It is usually shaped in a square or rectangle and arches are not common.



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