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About Us

Ecolux is a bespoke wooden door manufacturer based in Semarang, Indonesia. Our brand was established in 2016 under the company PT. Bogowonto Primalaras to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Ecolux specializes in crafting custom interior and exterior engineered wooden doors.

The name "ECOLUX" is a combination of "Ecolabel" and "Luxurious." Each door we produce undergoes a meticulous production process conducted by our skilled woodworkers to ensure the best quality. The raw timber we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests certified by the SVLK, a mandatory Indonesian national certification system for legal and sustainable timber.

We tailor each order to the specific requirements of individual projects, recognizing that every door is distinct and that our clients have diverse needs for design and construction. Ecolux doors can be found not only in Indonesia but also overseas, where we have successfully supplied doors to high-end hotels and resorts, housing complexes, offices, and schools.

As a bespoke wood door company, we offer a wide range of door types, from solid engineered wooden panel doors to security doors. All fire-rated and acoustic doors undergo rigorous testing in accordance with international certification standards to ensure their effectiveness.

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Carving Our Excellence



Ecolux is committed to preserving the environment. We received the SVLK & FSC®(C020430) certification and have implemented responsible forestry for decades.



Sales & Marketing Manager

Approves the implementation of marketing strategies to increase business sales. He creates new sales plans for exports and local projects, determines price quotations for prospective orders, serve as the face of Ecolux to partners, develop and maintain relationships with clients and educate team on engineered door construction.


PPIC Manager

Creates schedule for production and maintains a workable inventory level of all products, materials, and finished goods. He reviews customer orders and schedules production based on inventory levels and manufacturing times to make sure all runs according to the predetermined plan.


R & D Manager

Assist with the designing and testing of new and existing timber products. Ensure all doors manufactured are of standard and that any defected items be resolved of its issues. Test products for its durability and construction.


Maintenance Manager

Responsible for managing all installation, repair, and upkeep operations of factory. This includes maintaining machineries, planning repair activities, and developing maintenance procedures. Manage maintenance budget and assist in designing and installing of new systems.


Head Of Human Capital Development

Responsible for providing overall strategic direction, managerial, and technical leadership to ensure the achievement of the Statement of Work. Day to day, she provides constructive performance evaluations and handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with the policy.


Head of IT & System Analyst

As head of the IT department, he is in charge of designing, managing, and monitoring information systems at Ecolux. He oversees a team of specialists who maintain hardware and software upgrades, perform regular system audits and look after the companys' websites.


Production Manager

Oversees the production process and coordinates with different departments to ensure workflow is efficient. Organize production to meet deadlines and quality standards. He also monitors production lines to ensure that everything goes smoothly and any errors are to be resolved immediately.


Procurement Manager

Sources products and services for the company. He and his team negotiates with suppliers to find the right price for the company's budget, while also maintaining relationships with existing vendors. He also researches prospective vendors and negotiates contracts.