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Why Choose Ecolux?

Why Choose Ecolux?

In the realm of door manufacturing, ECOLUX stands as a beacon of excellence, embodying a fusion of eco-consciousness and luxury craftsmanship. Derived from the combination of “ECO” symbolizing Ecolabel and “LUX” representing luxurious, our brand epitomizes the highest standards of quality and sustainability in door production. With a commitment to sourcing materials responsibly and adhering to stringent ecological, social, and economic standards, ECOLUX offers discerning customers a superior selection of doors crafted with integrity and care. Let’s delve into why choosing ECOLUX is synonymous with choosing excellence.


Ecolux received the FSC-COC certification by TUV Rheinland, an organization that specializes in the field of testing, inspecting and certification services. By being FSC certified, it is sure that the timber we use is derived from a responsible source and all materials used can be legally traced from its raw form to the end door product. Doors that are produced in our factory follow the best ecological, social and economic standard so, you can be sure that the doors you purchase are of the best quality there is!

For further information about FSC-COC certification: and


Another certification we are proud of having is the SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certification by SCS Global Services, which is a third-party certifier of forestry practices. SCS works with the Indonesian National Accreditation Committee (KAN) to ensure Ecolux complies with the laws surrounding the legality of local timber used. By receiving the SVLK certification, it ensures that all wood products used at Ecolux is sourced from legally harvested wood in Indonesia. You no longer need to worry about unintentional violation sanctions from the country you are purchasing our doors from.

For further information about SLVK verification:


Fire-rated doors produced in our factory is Certifire – a fire safety certification given by Warringtonfire, a company based in the United Kingdom that specializes in inspecting products so that they are meant to serve its purpose. This means that every fire-rated door has passed through careful inspections and tedious testing to ensure the door is able to safely withstand fire for a certain amount of time. A fire-rated door provides a passive barrier that slows down the spread of smoke and/or fire. With this added protection you can be assured that you are more protected in the event of a fire.

For further information about fire doors:

In a world where quality and sustainability are paramount considerations, ECOLUX stands as a trusted ally, offering doors of uncompromising quality and ethical sourcing. With certifications such as FSC-COC, SVLK, and Certifire, we uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility, legality, and fire safety. By choosing ECOLUX, you not only invest in doors of exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious aesthetics but also contribute to a more sustainable and secure future. Experience the pinnacle of door manufacturing excellence with ECOLUX – where luxury meets eco-consciousness.

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