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Wood Door Maintenance Tips

Wood Door Maintenance Tips

So you have chosen your entry door and it is a masterpiece, but after a few years it starts to crack and chip because you do not know how to take care of it. Well, what a waste right?

Below are a few tips on how to maintain your wooden doors:

1. Dust Your Doors

Dusting the exterior part of the door is as important as dusting its interior part. Dust particles are made up of water-soluble salts and are acidic in nature. As they build up on the crevices of the door, it starts to slowly corrode the wood. Larger dust particles can also create micro scratches that can wear down the finishing coat on the door. Therefore, remember to dust your doors at least once a week to prevent dust from settling and causing corrosion damages, especially for exterior doors.


2. Clean Dirt with Mild Soap

An exterior door is constantly exposed to outside elements which can cause dirt to accumulate. When your door is dirty, the best way to clean it is by using a damp cloth made of cotton or microfiber, something that is lint-free. A soft sponge will also work well but not a scrubber sponge since it is abrasive and can damage the door coating. How frequently you need to clean your doors is based on your location. Houses near the ocean or in cities with high pollution need more frequent washing since there are more elements dirtying the door. Do not forget to dry the door after washing since water and wood are not friends and will rot if it is damp.


3. Polish the Door

One way to give life back to a wood door is by polishing it. There are several types of polish that can be used: Polyurethane, varnish, wax or lacquer. To use this all you need is a lint-free rag to rub in the product on the door.


4. Recoat Finishing

All doors are coated with finishing to protect the wood from external factor especially moisture. Water seeping into a wooden door is a cause of disaster. With excess moisture, the door can warp and rot which will damage it. Once every 4 to 5 years, a recoating of finishing should be done to prevent this from happening. In order to get it done correctly, we recommend hiring a professional to do it.


5. Check the hardware !

Door hardware includes locks, hinges and knobs. And even though they are usually overlooked, a working and clean hardware ensures your door is doing what it’s supposed to do. That is protecting the insides of your home from outside elements.

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