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Special Doors Available at Ecolux: Fire-Rated Wood Door and Acoustic Soundprood Door

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Discover Ecolux’s Exclusive Fire-Rated and Acoustic Soundproof Doors

Constructed with specialized materials to impede the spread of flames and smoke, fire-rated doors are vital components for enhancing building safety. To ensure optimal performance, these doors are integrated into assemblies comprising not only the door itself but also the frame, seal, and hardware, all rigorously tested together. While they do not halt fires entirely, fire-rated doors effectively contain flames and smoke, providing crucial time for safe evacuation.

Ecolux proudly offers two variants of fire-rated doors: FR 30 minutes and FR 60 minutes. Each meticulously tested by certified authorities including Sucofindo and the government branch PUPR in Bandung, Indonesia. The FR30 model features a fire-rated particle board core, while the FR60 model incorporates calcium boards alongside a finger-joint laminated core, bolstering fire resistance.

Moreover, all fire-rated doors undergo thorough soundproofing tests, with FR30 doors boasting an STC rating of 27 dB and FR60 doors achieving an impressive STC rating of 32 dB. These ratings signify the doors’ ability to effectively dampen sound, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful environment within your building. Experience superior safety and peace of mind with Ecolux’s unparalleled fire-rated door solutions.

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