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A Guide to Properly Measuring Wooden Doors

A Guide to Properly Measuring Wooden Doors

Understanding how to get a correct measurement on your wood door is crucial. Imagine what would happen if you spent a lot of money on a brand new wooden door and it did not fit into your existing door frame. We imagine frustration and anger would be big. Here are quick easy steps on how to measure your wooden doors correctly when looking for a new replacement:

  1. NEVER base your measurements by measuring your current door. Always base measurements off your current door frame.
  2. Check the directions of how the door opens.
    1. Stand in front of the door so that it swings away from you.
    2. Take note of where the hinges are, Left or Right
    3. Left means it is left-hand open way and Right means it is right-hand open way
  3. Prepare a paper, pen and measuring tape to take notes of the measurements
  4. Measure the door frame in three places – Top, Middle & Bottom. The widest from these 3 measurements will be used as the width of the new door

  • Measure the height of the door frame and be sure to get measurements for both vertical sides. The longer of the two will determine the needed height for your door. Do not forget to account for any floor covering going to be used.

  • If you want to keep the door frame and only change the door itself, do not forget to measure its thickness. Take a measuring tape and measure the edge of the door.
    • A typical door measures between 35mm – 40mm. Unless it is a fire-rated door then the thickness would be more at 45mm.

Mastering the art of door measurement is essential for a successful door replacement project. By following these straightforward steps, you’ll not only save time and money but also sidestep the frustration of ill-fitting doors. Empower yourself with the knowledge to measure your wooden doors accurately, and embark on your home improvement journey with certainty and ease.

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