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The Role of Wood Doors in Security

The Role of Wood Doors in Security

Home security is always a concern for new homeowners and still remains an important matter to anyone owning a home. It is also crucial to be protected from the outside, especially in this ever-changing and increasingly dangerous world. When it comes to securing your homes, doors are at the front line of this defense. They protect anything on the inside from intruders and other outside elements. Wood doors are incredibly strong and their durability is essential to keep your home safe.


1. Strength (Resilient against forced entry)

Wood is a sturdy and robust material that is able to withstand large amounts of force. This makes it an excellent choice for exterior doors. A solid wood door is difficult to break down due to its thick and heavy core. It can resist impacts from objects, even with a crowbar or hammer it is challenging to force open a wood door. Damage from kicking or slamming is also less susceptible, making these doors an excellent choice for areas needing high-level security.


2. Durability (Long lasting)

Wooden doors are known and trusted for their durability. Doors used for exteriors must be durable in order to withstand the ever changing outside environment. It should be able to handle extreme heat or cold. Thankfully, wood doors are extremely durable and are built to last decades. It requires minimal maintenance, only dusting once a week and the occasional polishing or repainting when needed.


3. Aesthetic value

A wood door not only provides security, but it also enhances a home’s curb appeal, especially a Panel door. It comes in endless designs and styles that can complement the aesthetics of your home. Panel doors (also known as stiles and rails) are the most common choice to use as an exterior door. These doors are strong and hefty due to its finger-joint construction. It is virtually impossible to punch a hole through a panel door because of its strength.


4. Insulation

Other than its strength and durability, wood doors offer great insulation for your home. It can help keep the ambient temperatures inside your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. These insulation properties can also help decrease noise transmission in homes located in noisy areas. Insulation lends a sense of security inside your home by creating a safer living space for people living in it.


Wooden doors make an excellent choice in home security. They offer strength and durability with additional benefits such as curb appeal and insulation from the weather outside. Depending on where you purchase your doors from, premium wood doors need minimal maintenance that can be cost effective in the long run. By choosing a wood door, you are not compromising security for aesthetics and durability. They are all included when purchasing a wood door.


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