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Tips When Designing a Room Using a White Door

Tips When Designing a Room Using a White Door

White doors are usually at the top of the list of best sellers at every door manufacturing company. Why? Well, people like it so much because of its simple and clean look. It is also timeless, having been around for decades. Moreover, it is like a blank canvas that interior designers are able to create many different room styles from.

Some of you may think that a plain white door is too bland, but at the end of the day it is all about how you incorporate other design elements into the space to create a well-rounded and cozy living area.


Add Patterns and Play with Colors

 For example in the room on the left, you can see that the interior designer added neutral colors and patterns to elevate the look of it. A simple white door is used as a complement to the varieties of materials being used inside this room. Because they were able to incorporate the distinct elements seamlessly together, this bedroom was turned into an opulent and comfortable hideout.

The designers used geo wood wall paneling and a cabinet with patterns to add texture. They also added gold touches on the chandelier and decor for a pop of color. To contrast all the squares and lines being used, a curved linen sofa with brown throw pillows and a round glass coffee table was used to create a more relaxed feel. Mixing and matching different colors, shapes and textures is a way to increase depth in the room.


Decorate the Door

Another way to enhance a white door is to add simple elements to it to bring out its liveliness. For example like the door below, our clients added gold paint to the edges of the panels for an elegant but simple elevating look. Using a decorative door handle like the one on the left is another way to spice things up.


In conclusion, while white doors may appear simple at first glance, their versatility and timeless appeal make them a perennial favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike. By incorporating patterns, playing with colors, and adding decorative elements, white doors can be transformed into focal points that enhance the overall aesthetic of any living space. Whether used as a blank canvas for creative expression or adorned with subtle enhancements, white doors continue to reign as a staple choice for those seeking elegance and sophistication in their home design.


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